Saturday, March 19, 2011


At the beginning of my musical theater class, we were prepped for our big showcase and encouraged to invite everyone we knew. Things changed, groups were added, the venue size dwindled and I was relieved. There just wasn't going to be room enough for my "entourage"!

Today was the big day and I am firstly grateful to have not invited any of my adoring fans! It took nearly 3 hours, overlapped the BYU basketball tip-off, and much like a niece's dance recital...was really only fun for the performers and the stage moms.

Having stayed up until 3:30 and then woken at 8:00 a.m., I had created an unnecessary obstacle. During rehearsals, it was clear that I must have packed my enthusiasm and confidence in a box with old running shoes and left it in the garage of the new place...because I was not pulling it together. Breathless, forgetful and flat are three very accurate descriptors of my laughable performance. But a short break and a 32 oz diet coke later helped me to recover a bit.

It was so fun! And the class has really helped me to get over some of my insecurities and nerves. The best lesson has been understanding the types of roles I best match as well as learning that an emotional delivery and spot-on comedic timing can combat almost anything my vocal prowess lacks.

Dame Bonnie's parents had attended and her mom payed me a fantastic compliment when it was all over. It fed my hunger for performance (and probably my ego) enough that I've signed up for the next round of classes. And will be time to put it to the test at an audition!

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