Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Foolish...Except When It Comes To Choosing Friends

Today was the big move day. I've been at this last place for over 3 years. Other than the home of my youth, this has been my longest enduring address. I've been sorting through things, taking trips to DI, and filling our trash cans for weeks. But somehow, I still have at least twice as much stuff as I should, or wan,t to have.

I asked a friend to lend his muscle and truck to the effort, but who can blame him when he accepted a weekend roadtrip offer instead. So, I did want any logical/single/independent woman would do, and I rented a U-Haul.

And then I tried to take the "U" in U-Haul literally and figure out a way to do this all on my own...sort of...I knew I'd need one other person for the big stuff (bed, dresser, desk) and enlisted Brett to do his baby brother duty. The rest, I expected to handle all alone. I worked my tail off organizing all of those belongings that I'm still hanging on to but need to depart from...and the piles of boxes and tubs was overwhelming.

So with short notice and complete disrespect to their Friday nights, I accepted the offered help of C.K, C.C., and Salty. And they saved me. There were plenty of offers on other days or by some who had conflicts and had I not been so proud, I very well could have enlisted an army to assist. But these were the really good friends who help a girl even when she doesn't deserve it. And I'm all moved...and all exhausted...and all grateful for the friends I don't deserve

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