Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I Learned in Church Today: Attitude

For many years I have been aware of endurance worship. These are the days when my obedience is motivated by duty rather than love or desire. I maintain that there is still value in persevering through the endurance worship, but I try to keep the occurrences to a minimum. There are a number of contributing factors: fatigue, hunger, disappointment, distraction, laziness, guilt...and more. I contribute today's bad attitude to fatigue.

I'm exhausted, but I did my duty and pushed through. My rotten attitude first appeared as I rolled my eyes through choir practice...then again through the women's auxiliary meeting. By the time I got to Sunday School, I was in fine, sarcastic form. And the teacher began discussing the concept of parables, and I decided I was bored, and then she outlined a few things we can do to assist in our understanding of parables:
1.) preparation
2.) attitude
3.) application
...and I became painfully aware of how much my attitude was impacting my ability to "get anything out of church" today.

So, while I didn't receive any nuggets of religious inspiration today, I do think it's a spiritual inspiration to be reminded of how much control and agency we have in determining what we get from our opportunities.

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