Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Next Scout?

My wing girl K.P. and I had alter egos that we used every time we were out at a club or concert or party and didn't want to actually meet men. She was "Sunny" and I was "Tia" and we were just in town for a few days on business. What did we do? Oh, well, we worked for Universal studios..."Sunny" was a talent scout, and "Tia" was a location scout. "Tia" doesn't even know if that's a legit job description....she just made it up.

I loved the thought of traveling the world. Of having access to the world's most beautiful and interesting places. I imagined that the job would come with a lot of special privilege and opportunity. I expected that there would be a decent amount of research, and I love any kind of learning. And I came to know for certain that other people thought it was a really cool job. Men ate it up! (Ironic, since we only pulled that storyline out when we didn't want to impress the men!)

I'm still convinced that the most amazing place on earth, undiscovered by Hollywood, is Havasupai Falls. I agree that it would be a logistic nightmare to get cast and crew on site, and I know that it loses some of its splendor in pictures, but man! it would be awe-some! If I'm lucky, I'll be heading back again this summer.


I know many of you have been waiting with baited breath to hear how the IKEA project went. I'm happy to report that it's a beautiful piece of furniture, assembled with love and pride. I was more skilled than I thought. Although, truth be told, I still think that furniture assembly moments make for fantastic boyfriend moments!

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